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Operation Acceleration

How do clients act and implement the strategies we design for them efficiently and quickly? Very often, once companies gain insight from consulting firms, they lack the right tools or methodologies for implementation and fail to achieve the desired rapid results.

The initial action is to pare the strategy down to short-term concrete goals. We provide strategic operations planning, detailed action plans, and roadmaps for success. We define processes, distribute roles in teams, identify required tools and look at how to control operations through key performance indicators and clear accountability. We provide assistance in profiling new talents and we connect our client to a network of execution freelancers or companies who will participate in the execution. Finally, we help clients put in place effective systems to test, evaluate, monitor data, collect user feedback and refine the service or product accordingly.  

Operation Acceleration is also about knowing which strategies to implement depending on the markets. When we deal with existing markets, we recommend to boost customer acquisition through ‘growth hacking’ actions. When entering new markets, we plan the successive international rollouts based on best practices from countries already in operations. 

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