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"Design models that are viral, sustainable, scalable ... and creative."

Model generation

We believe strategic models go beyond common traditional business and financial models, taking model generation to the next level. We apply a hybrid and disruptive approach. The models we design are on the one hand, analytical, scientific, logical and on the other intuitive, cultural, and social. When we synthesize these complementary forms of knowledge, we are able to craft innovative models.

Models to consider include Financial; User Testing/Scenario; Process/Services Testing and Implementation; Scalability and Growth (VC pitching and traction); Innovation Growth, R&D, Production Cycles and Tech Engineering. We also emphasize the human and creative side of model generation, by integrating the whole experience element.

When modeling for businesses we place users center-stage in the search for the right service, on the right technology to meet current and future market trends. Everything must align and interconnect to generate innovative and profitable models that will help businesses accelerate and grow.

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