Nicolas Sierro, Our COO, Interviewed in ICT Journal

September 13th, 2014

Multiple uses and benefits of API are explained by Nicolas Sierro our COO to ICT journal.

Here are some key takeaways:

– In the future, the only stable element will be the interface.

– The growth of API in “traditional” companies is also related to the overall demand and budgets allocated for the development of mobile apps that benefit from an efficient API architecture.

– APIs also imply greater confidentiality risks and brand dissolution. When we open an API to everyone, we do not know how it will be used.

– It is not enough to offer your services and data for apps developer to use them. As developers are highly solicited, in order to seduce them your API must provide access to valuable services.

– In order to gain traction, you must also provide complementary services such as monitoring especially if the service is paid. And be careful with the retroactive compatibility when you create a new version. Launching an API is like a promise that you must fulfill.

– The right strategy is to create API no matter what happens, first for the advantages it gives internally. After that, what we get on top of this, is an extra bonus.  

You can access the original article in French here.

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Nicolas is a digital pioneer, i.e. 3D real-time robotics simulation (EPFL), patent for smartcard, 1st mobile ticketing for ski station worldwide and 1st HbbTV service in Switzerland. Delivering high-pressure projects & complex program management are some of his core competencies. Working internationally for startups & leading companies, he is at ease in different social and cultural environments. Nicolas is teaching about the Mobile ecosystem at CREA’s Master of Digital Marketing & Social Media in Geneva. He practices AFK socialization through openness, eating & drinking, inspiration from nature & history, humor & provocation. @Galixo Nicolas is COO and brings his pragmatic sense of achievement for operation acceleration.