Galixo Launches First Viber Event in Myanmar

July 31st, 2014

We’ve just organized the first Viber event in Myanmar, a country that is quickly adopting mobile technology and showing a great appetite for social media. Several initiatives by independent parties confirmed that Viber is the most popular and used chat app in the country. First, Telenor, a Myanmar-based Telco conducted an informal survey on Facebook asking users to rate their favourite chat apps and Viber was at the top with 65% favourable answers. Second, the market research company OnDevice published a report revealing Viber is the leading chat app in Myanmar at 79%. It is fair to say that Viber is by far the favourite chat app among users in Myanmar and we organized this event so that local media could find out more about this new digital brand that is becoming a key player in the Myanmar tech landscape.

Talmon Marco Viber CEO for a Welcome Video During the Event

Organized by Galixo and our local PR partner Zagar Communications, the media event was a success with the participation of over 40 media including national TV, top dailies and the most prestigious tech publications. Viber Philippines Country Manager Crystal Lee travelled all the way from Manila to host the event alongside our CEO Raphael Dana. The event kicked off with a video welcome address by Talmon Marco, Viber CEO. Then Crystal Lee announced that Viber has now reached 5M registered users and revealed Viber plans to localize its stickers to fit Burmese users’ cultural traditions.

Standing Room Only at the Event of Viber in Myanmar

Viber is now the first global chat app acting at local level while other regional competitors have not yet this new market in SEA. Stay tuned for more news on Viber Myanmar!