Echelon Thought Leaders: Our CEO on Opportunities for Traction in Asia

July 4th, 2014

Our CEO Raphael Dana attended Echelon again this year, Asia’s premier technology and business event that celebrates Asia’s brightest technology and digital innovations in the region. The event took place in Singapore on June 10-11th.

“Echelon is by far the best tech conference to understand ecosystems in the region, meet the brightest startups that shape Asia’s tech landscape and engage with the key players that will drive innovation and growth including investors and tech leaders” says our CEO about Echelon.

Startup trends in Asia: answering local cultures need

As part of its ‘Thought Leaders’ series, our CEO was interviewed to give his take on current startup opportunities in the APAC region: “Which startups will rock in Asia? Well first you must think, what Asian users need? It all goes down to understanding local cultures and specific local needs. Watch out for innovation in mobile payment, e-commerce and more!” explains our CEO Raphael Dana. Watch the full video here.